New release: ZEUS v0.8.3

New release: ZEUS v0.8.3
ZEUS v0.8.3

We're proud to announce the wide availability of ZEUS v0.8.3, including on the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

This release features on-chain tx coin control for LND, custom pictures for saved nodes and wallets, and improved controls for Neutrino peers.

On-chain tx coin control for LND

Despite having support for coin control on our Core Lightning interfaces for while, it was sorely lacking for LND. That changes today. All three of our LND interfaces now support coin control when crafting on-chain transactions!

There's still work to be done, though, including adding the ability to spend a full UTXO without manually calculating the fee difference. For now, we recommend users who need to burn a full UTXO, to put it into a channel using the Send Max flag.

Coin control in ZEUS

Custom pictures for saved nodes and wallets

A long requested features, users can now set custom pictures to help identify their different saved nodes and wallets. We've included a bunch of preset to choose from, but users are also free to select their own from their phone.

We've been having a blast seeing which photo users have been using during the beta test period.

Improved controls for Neutrino peers

Neutrino, the block filter system that affords our users great privacy, ends up being the root cause for most of our UX issues, so to help mitigate some of the pain we've added more controls on the Neutrino peers settings page. Users can now optionally delete all the ZEUS defaults and set their own peers list, and check the latency of each host in-app with our new ping check feature. Nodes with under 100ms latency are ideal. Those under 200 ms should be fine, but those with over 200ms ping may cause problems.

To help users having issues on the other side of the world, we've also deployed a fresh Neutrino box in Singapore! It has been added to the new defaults for all embedded node users.

Reduced ZEUS Pay lightning address fees

Our lightning address service, ZEUS Pay, has undergone serious fee cuts! The new few structure will see most users paying less than 50% of the fees they were previously.

ZEUS Pay addresses are free to set up, but incur these costs for holding payments in our payment channels for up to 24 hours, in a self-custodial manner. This means we can't steal users funds like other services.

You can see the new ZEUS Pay fee structure here.

Looking forward

Work is well underway on v0.9.0. We hope to launch alpha builds of v0.9.0 for all to test so our users can test out the new functionality as soon as possible.


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