New release: ZEUS v0.8.4

New release: ZEUS v0.8.4
ZEUS v0.8.4

We're proud to announce the wide availability of ZEUS v0.8.4, including on the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

This release features the ability to select wallet/node on start-up, currency conversion for silver (XAG) and gold (XAU), a revamped theme, and numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

Select wallet/node on start-up

First off, a long requested feature for the diehards managing multiple nodes and accounts: you now have the ability to select a node on start-up by going to Settings > Display > Select node on start-up.

Previously, the node your last connected to would be connected to automatically on start-up.

Silver (XAG) and gold (XAU) conversion rates

Paging all goldbugs, want to see how much your Bitcoin is worth in gold ounces? Well we've got you covered. Select gold or silver under Settings > Currency or compare multiple currency rates at once using our currency converter tool under Settings > Currency > Currency converter.

Revamped Pub theme

For our friends at Pubkey. The old Pub theme was a real retina burner, so we decided to give it a revamp. It might be the best one in the app now:

Check it out in-app by going to Settings > Display, or in person at our favorite bar, located at 85 Washington Place in New York City.

Looking forward

Closed alpha builds of v0.9.0 are now available for ZEUS community sponsors. v0.9.0 features support for hardware wallets/external signers like the Coldcard Q, Seedsigner, Krux, and Foundation Passport. It will also feature a new LSP service.

Always forward.

Full release notes

ZEUS documentation
Embedded node FAQ


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