New release: ZEUS v0.8.1

New release: ZEUS v0.8.1

We're proud to announce the wide availability of ZEUS v0.8.1, including on the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

This release features a new standalone Point of Sale, support for importing Nostr contacts, persistent LND for Android users, and more.

Standalone Point of Sale

Our initial POS was an integration with Square terminals that we deployed at NYC's PUBKEY. We wanted to expand this functionality and allow shop owners that didn't use Square to use ZEUS to accept payments.

This new release features a new standalone Point of Sale with product management. There's no need for anything else other than a device running ZEUS now. You can manage products and categories in app, price items in fiat or Bitcoin, optionally set a tax rate, and tips, and even ring items up manually if they're not in the system yet.

We're very excited to get this running in shops around the world, so we're soliciting feedback, and will be building out instructions on our docs site to help merchants get up and running. That being said, we think the UX should be quite intuitive to most.


Standalone Point of Sale in ZEUS v0.8.1

Nostr contacts

In ZEUS v0.8.0 we released a new contact book that you can use to quickly send payments to your friends and family. In v0.8.1 we have added the ability to import your contacts from Nostr.

Simply enter in your Nostr npub or human readable NIP-05 address, and ZEUS will query Nostr for all your contacts. From there you can send a quick payment to a contact, or import all or select contacts to your local contact book.


Nostr contacts in ZEUS v0.8.1

Contact sharing via QR

Contact information is now sharable via QR code. You can share an entire contact with a fellow ZEUS user, or share any single bit of contact info with a user of another Bitcoin wallet or Nostr client.


Contact sharing in ZEUS v0.8.1

Improved Send view

We got some feedback that our Send view had too much white space, so we decided to leverage our new contacts functionality and display all of your favorite contacts on that view for quick payment. We've also moved the NFC button to the header, with a sleek new icon.

The new Send view in ZEUS v0.8.1

Persistent LND

Android users now have the option to keep LND running even when ZEUS is closed, this enables instant ZEUS Pay redemptions, and makes zapping faster. Additionally, this work paves the way to implement NWC (Nostr Wallet Connect) down the road. Beware if using with an older phone - your battery may drain quickly. Mileage will vary, even with newer phones.

Node/account reordering

Ever wanted to reorder your connections on the Nodes view? Well now you can. Shout out to Daniel for sponsoring the bounty to get this shipped.


Reordering nodes and accounts in ZEUS v0.8.1

LND v0.17.3-beta

Under the hood we've updated LND to v0.17.3-beta, which includes a number of hot fixes. We've also made some configuration changes to the node so that channel force closes broadcast at a more appropriate fee rate so that your funds are less likely to get stuck in the mempool.

Looking forward

We're really excited to have all this new functionality into all users' hands, but we're already looking forward to the next release.

Work is already underway on v0.8.2. With this following release, we'll be targeting LSP support for remote LND users, a more in depth currency conversion rate tool, support for more fiat currency conversion rates, and improved UI/UX around wallet recovery.


Full release notes

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